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A Little About Logs

For some reason, which remains mysterious to me, all throughout high school math classes and the first year college math classes (at least in the U.S.), the natural logarithm (the log to the base e) is usually referred to as … Continue reading

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What a Multivariate Logistic Regression Data Set Looks Like: An Example

Just to be sure that you have a clear idea of what a data set that is appropriate for logistic regression analysis looks like, I am providing an example in this article. As I indicated in the previous article, a … Continue reading

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What is (Multivariate) Logistic Regression?

Note: If you want to jump directly to the “punch line” skipping all of my explanation and development (and making me feel unappreciated :() click here. Recall that in regular least squares regression we fit a line to the data. … Continue reading

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Why Regular Regression Does NOT Work

It is an error to use regular least-squares regression when the dependent Y-variable is binary (takes on values of 0 or 1 only). Note: see the previous article When to Use Logistic Regression for a discussion of dichotomous and binary … Continue reading

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When to Use Logistic Regression

You should think about using logistic regression when your Y variable takes on only two values. Such a variable is referred to a “binary” or “dichotomous.” “Dichotomous” basically means two categories such as yes/no, defective/non-defective, success/failure, and so on. “Binary” … Continue reading

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